67 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Generate Coaching Leads Consistently35 min read

As a coach, you will find yourself in one of these 3 categories –

  1. A coach who is just starting out and is looking for initial paying clients
  2. A coach who has clients but wants a system to attract their ideal high-paying clients consistently
  3. A coach who has new clients coming in consistently and now wants to scale their business with online products or by hiring other coaches in their team

Whichever category you fall into, you need clients who will buy either your coaching packages or your online products. And you don’t want any random prospects who will waste your time and can’t afford your services.

You want clients who understand the value of your coaching and are ready to invest in your services. And chances are you may have found a few of these ideal clients.

But how do you win these high-paying clients consistently?
Are there any lead generation methods that you don’t know about but other successful coaches are using for years?
Is there an easy-way-out to generate leads or will it be always this hard?

Sorry to break your bubble, but there is no get-rich-quick scheme here.

Get Rich Quick - Lead Generation

Lead-generation never happens in an instant. To get your ideal clients consistently, you will need to be consistent in your marketing efforts.

But are there ways that will suit you better? Sure. Can you enjoy doing marketing for your business? Definitely, if you choose the methods that are based on your strengths. And not on marketing trends.

We’ve gathered 67 strategies, tactics and tools you can use to win your ideal high-paying clients.

But before you get overwhelmed with all these strategies and tactics, let’s start with 5 rock-solid strategies used by coaches to generate qualified leads:

  1. Networking – Successful coaching business runs on relationships. And nothing builds these relationships faster than meeting your potential clients face-to-face. You can deeply understand a potential client and can directly ask her if she needs any help with her business, career, fitness, finance or relationship.
  2. Speaking Engagements – When you give an impressive speech to a room full of potential clients, it builds your authority instantly. These people would want to know more about your services and whether they can get any personal help from you. Maybe you won’t get paid initially as a speaker, but it’s a great way to get 1-On-1 coaching clients.
  3. Your Email List – A valuable resource for any coach. These are your dedicated followers, your true audience, with whom you can share your insights, new services or products.
    And here’s a simple email strategy you can use to build great relationships and book more discovery calls – Provide great value in your weekly emails that will help your audience make progress. And in your email’s P.S. ask if they would be interested in having a 1-On-1 conversation with you. Simple but quite an effective strategy to book more discovery calls with your potential clients.
  4. LinkedIn Connections – If you’re in B2B space like a leadership, performance or a business coach, LinkedIn can do wonders for you. Send personal connection requests to people who can be your ideal clients. Build a relationship with them by a sharing a few valuable articles/resources with them. Finally, ask them for a discovery call.
  5. Strategic Partnerships – Collaborate with people who already have the trust and respect of your audience. Let’s say you’re a leadership coach and you want to work with reputed CEOs and big organizations. Why would these organizations trust and hire you as a coach? The best and the fastest way to build trust is when someone they’re working with introduces you.
    These big organizations have marketing consultants and other service providers working for them. When you build strategic partnerships with these service providers they would be happy to make these introductions. And if you’ve built the right partnerships, you will both will benefit from them.

Now you can use any of these strategies and build a six-figure coaching business in most niches. But what if these strategies are not relevant to your audience. What if you’re in a country where there are no such networking events. What if you want to grow, sell more courses and do more online coaching.

Below is a list of 67 lead-generation strategies you can use for your coaching business. And I’ve separated them based on strengths. Choose the right strategy which will work well for you and start winning your high-value clients:


List of Contents:



1. Communication


If you are someone who’s good with people, is a confident speaker, enjoys interactions & interviews, or someone with good articulation skills, then you can definitely try out these following techniques to generate leads.

Hosting your own podcast

Feature your expertise & insights. You can also interview relevant personalities, influencers, & thought-leaders in your industry.

Here are a few amazing Podcasts –

You can read more about setting up and launching a podcast in this article by Pat Flynn


Direct engagement with leads –

Live Chats, Forums, Support & Help centres are more personalised, engaging & helpful to your customers than using indirect engagement through FAQs that simply cater to general doubts & queries.


Video presentations –

Create a video presentation about the struggles & pain points of your target audience, and how you are going to help them solve these problems. Builds incredible authority and trust, & is the cheapest way to showcase your expertise in front of your audience/prospects. And a great way to convert prospects into paying clients.


Live Question & Answer sessions (Q&As) –

A follow-up to most webinars, Live Q&A sessions cements your expertise & credibility, builds a stronger relationship with your prospects & viewers, and enables you to reinforce whatever you shared in the webinar.


Interview an expert/influencer –

Great way to increase your proof of credibility. Reach out to relevant influencers in your niche who your customers respect (& follow) & interview them. (Preferably short sharp questions and then finally asking them to share/introduce your product) Video version of a Podcast in essence (you can create multiple pieces of content using these interviews – short social media clips, blog posts, Facebook and Youtube video).


Hosting your own web conference –

This combines Video Presentations, Live Q & As and Interviewing influencers into one grand event.
“Skyrocket your authority in your industry, attracting an audience and building relationships with key people all at once through your own Web Conference.”


Interviewing a potential client –

A direct interview with your client really comes off as a bold & confident technique. Your audience will feel that you understand their problems more acutely if you do a live a coaching session with a client. Not only are you helping the interviewee, but you are also helping your audience with their similar doubts & queries.


Offer free sessions/calls –

If you’ve addressed their pain-points & struggles, you can offer your site visitors a short discovery call for free. The purpose of this call is not to solve all their problems in an hour or so, but to understand their particular problems (specific grievances), give them an insight about your expertise, methods and services that you can provide to solve those problems.


2. Writing


If you are someone who enjoys writing, who loves researching topics & expressing individual views on them, or someone who has a way with words & can capture people’s attention (Narratives, Stories, even Copywriting for that matter). The following techniques are definitely for you, and you’ll enjoy the process of creating, curating & sharing such content.


Writing for major publications in your industry –

Popular, Professional Trade associations & their publications in your industry is the perfect stage to make a stand for yourself. These publications already have their loyal customer-base of influencers, decision makers & senior members. Their social-media following & brand will improve your visibility manifold. It’s not that easy to land your article for such a publication. But, if you do your homework completely, and submit a high-quality article, you’ll definitely become known in your target market/niche

Here are a few top publications you can target –


Guest posting –

To start gaining traffic reach out to websites that serve a similar audience and pitch your guest post. Such an audience focused pitch would be highly welcomed by the owners & it builds your relationship & exposes you to a whole new group/audience.
Here is a link to a list of potential blogs you can approach for Guest Posting.


List posting/Listicles –

Create a post that lists something your audience wants to know. List posts are easy to read, easy to create, and very popular (a curated list of tips or tricks are easily shareable & implementable).

Here are a few amazing listicles –


Upgrading existing content –

They help your clients achieve their desired results from applying your advice at a faster rate than usual. So from the content that’s performing well for you, write its main takeaway and create a resource that’ll help your prospects achieve their desired results faster (create an extensive well-researched resource as an opt-in).


Publishing a white paper –

White papers are detailed reports on a particular topic in your niche/industry. They carry a lot of weight. White Papers signify your authority in that niche because you clarify complex topics that serve as highly useful answers for you readers. This authority then positions you as a trusted advisor, resulting in increased lead generation for your business.
The International Coach Federation has their very own comprehensive white paper on How Coaches Spend Their Time.


Creating a checklist –

Easy to create & market. Helps your clients to assess their shortcomings, if any, and to implement any or all of your suggestions that apply to their business. Checklists help clients become aware of certain problems/issues with their business, and gives them a clear idea of the potential gains if the problem is solved. Based on the checklist you can evaluate your client accordingly, which shows them your expertise & helps you to propose a foolproof implementation plan for them.


Offering a sample book chapter –

A perfect sales funnel in this regard could be – Sample Book Chapter -> Book -> Discovery Session -> Coaching Engagement.
This’ll help you to acquire new clients at an even faster rate. They know what you can offer after getting a sample of your work, and this funnel makes them even more eager to get in touch with you & seek out your expertise for their business.

Here is how Tim Ferris did it for his bestseller – Tools of Titans

Tools of Titans Book's Landing PageTools of Titans – Landing Page

You can read more here if you want to make your new book marketing a massive success.


Writing a short eBook –

A simple How-To Guide works wonders. Teach them a specific technique, lesson or principle related to their business. Guide them through the problem or solution for their business, and explain your process of solving it. List Posts are the easiest content for you to turn into eBooks. This way you repurpose your content, thereby creating more value from the stuff you’ve already produced.

Rework is the perfect example. It’s a comprehensive playbook for entrepreneurs, small-business owners & artists. Written by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried, from Basecamp.


Thought Leadership –

Take a stand if you have an opinion about a topic in your industry. Opinionated pieces are attention-grabbing and they make you stand out in your field. Such content helps you understand your true audience, the ones who appreciate your perspective & insights. These are your dedicated fans and true prospects who seek to become like you. As a thought leader, you become the go-to people in your field of expertise.


Case studies –

Coaching is all about the journey. And if you can showcase in depth, the journey of a client from their current state to their desired state, your prospects will be much more eager to get in touch with you and become your client. A preferred structure of Case Studies goes something like this – Give a Brief introduction about the scenario; Explain in detail your method of solving that client’s problem; The Final Outcome that you helped the client achieve.

Here’s how Marie Forleo showcases her client’s success stories

Marie Forleo's Client Success StoriesMarie Forleo’s Client Success Stories


Curate the content you’re reading –

Tim Ferriss shares a list of 5 things each Friday (a quote, an article, a book, an event, a travel destination, and other interesting tidbits he’s experienced) called the Five-bullet Friday to his email list. Likewise, position yourself as a genuine thought-leader, and share such insights, articles & interesting reads that your audience would love to go through/know about.


Writing valuable blog posts for your target audience –

Just as landing pages are for target audiences, your Blog should also revolve around your niche & your prospect’s pain-points. Talk about their struggles & obstacles, give them solutions & actionable content for them to implement, and they are sure to subscribe to your service.


Boost social media engagement by Newsjacking –

Keep yourself updated about current trends & viral topics in your field. And when possible, provide your insights regarding that situation or event. Interested people will try & learn more about you, and that brings them closer to you. Such posts/articles improve your brand exposure significantly.


Engage your Blog readers by encouraging discussions & comments in your Posts –

Conclude your articles with some kind of an action-step or a question for your readers. Create certain challenges and/or implementable action-steps in your Blog posts for your audience. This will engage them in a discussion right there on your Blog post & they get a valuable take-away immediately. Use Disqus to have this seamless comment & discussion section throughout your Blog.


Publish on Medium

Publishing in your blog is easy, but you’ll need to market that content extremely well & consistently to generate traffic & get people to read it. Medium on the other hand already has this huge audience of readers. Its built-in editor is very user-friendly. Use targeted hashtags after you publish your post on medium, and provide a simple CTA to subscribe to your blog at the end of the post. Medium Publications are amazing platforms for you to get viewership & traffic. These publications (Ascent, The Writing Cooperative, The Mission, etc.) have a huge reader-base (both on Medium & on relevant Social-Media). And you can build your credibility & authority in your niche by becoming a writer for these publications. Check this list of top publications on Medium, and write awesome articles to get published.


Cold Email –

Client/prospect-focused emails. Talk about them, their points of interest, their business. Make sure your email content is focused about them & their business. They’ll simply ignore your emails if you rant about yourself & your services to them. Cold emails are used to start new relationships, not a way to generate instant sales leads. Patience is the key, it is all a numbers game.

You can obtain emails by connecting with people on LinkedIn or by visiting their website. Once you have a list of emails & you’ve done research on these individuals, you can then approach them with your cold-emails. First talk about their work, their business, their website. Then give them details of your service & how you’ll solve the problem they are facing currently.


3. Technical


If you know the basics of WordPress (Page Creation, Blog Editing & Publishing, and Plugins), SEO optimisation (Page Structure, Meta-tags, Images), you can apply the following to your website & marketing. And with the above skills, you can always research & learn advanced techniques to further develop your expertise.


Creating a video course

Huge trust builders. They are educational, powerful, and effective marketing technique. You can talk about customer pain-points, and how you’ll help them address their issues & take them from their current situation to their desired condition.


Creating an assessment –

Great lead magnets. It gives them instant results. And by telling them whether they are qualified for your services, it helps them asses, for themselves, whether they can potentially gain something from your services.

Here is an example of an assessment by Tony Robbins’s on his website –

Tony Robbins's Assessment


Launching a free email course –

Email mini-courses are brilliant because not only are you educating, guiding & nurturing your leads, but you’ll also get engagements with these potential clients through email conversations that help develop your relationship with them.


Create an Ask Me Anything Page (AMA Page) –

Answering questions on your AMA page by creating threads of discussions on your website to increase subscriber engagement, and help answer any doubts your prospects might have before committing. Use Disqus to have this seamless comment & discussion system set up on your website.

Here are some examples of AMA pages –


A Professional Website for your Business –

A website with a Unique Selling Proposition (Value proposition) to attract your prospects. It forms the basis of the sales funnel and should have a seamless flow in terms of content & intent to guide the visitor from start to finish (wherein the end goal or CTA might be – Booking a strategic/discovery call, Newsletter/Blog subscription, or Course enrolment etc.). This is the perfect lead generation resource for you.

Here are some professional websites you can get inspiration from –


Search engine optimization (SEO) –

It involves the techniques, methods, and best practices to improve your website’s performance that enhances your ranking on search engines. SEO is affected by your Website Design, your Branding & Messaging, the content you publish, and the way you structure your overall website. Yes, it does have a technical element to it, but there are plenty of implementable actions you can do to improve your SEO.
Here is Brian Dean’s comprehensive guide to SEO in 2019


A Resources page –

Organise high-quality targeted articles into a single page & place its link on the top-level navigation menu for your prospects. This is a nice way for them to get to know you, your service, your expertise & credibility, without having to go through all your Blog posts.
You can take this a step further with a bonus resources page for only your subscribers. This acts like a vault that can only be accessed by your followers, adding further value to your service.

Here are a few best examples of Resource Pages –


Service as a product –

Create a fixed package of what service you’ll be offering your clients. This way you’re selling clearly defined services at a fixed price, and not custom engagements based on each client. This method is extremely profitable & worth more of your time than doing a pay-per-call or pay-per-consult basis.


A Thank-You Page –

After subscription or sign-up direct your traffic to a Thank-You page. Here they can get access to a certain audience-specific resource or they can “Book a Call” to get in touch with you.

Here are a few awesome Thank You Pages –

Pat Flynn's Thank You Page


Copyhacker's Thank You Page

HubSpot's Thank You Page


Creating a Landing page –

Focus on your niche, give them a clear value proposition and you’ve got yourself an awesome lead-gen tool. Landing pages have a single offer that you are giving your clients. Do not confuse them with multiple CTAs, just keep it simple, keep it precise as to what you are offering & how you stand out from the crowd.

A few great landing page examples –

The Uncaged Life - Landing PageThe Uncaged Life – Landing Page

Executive Coach - Landing Page


Transformational Coach Landing Page


Use Calendly to easily set up 1-on-1 sessions –

It is an amazing tool to schedule meetings. You can provide a link to Calendly in your email signature or at the end of online sessions or course. Calendly allows you to restrict the time you are available throughout the week for a meeting, which introduces an element of scarcity to your time. This is great because your prospects will then understand the value of your time, and the overall process is smoothly automated without any headaches.


Mini Web-apps for your target audience –

If you create small web-apps on your website that output certain insightful results based on the visitor’s input, it can prove pretty valuable for them.

Let’s take the example of a business coach –

They can create a web-app that calculates the stats required to achieve a particular target or goal.

So if a client types $100,000 as their target revenue, and for every 10 discovery-calls he/she gets 1 client who is worth $10,000, then the web-app will calculate in the following manner –

To generate $100,000 in revenue the client needs 10 clients
(1 client is worth $10,000 which is the price of a client’s service package)

For every 10 calls, he/she gets 1 client.

So they need to set up at least 100 discovery calls to get 10 clients.

As you can see, this gives a clear picture to the visitor or prospect. And they can plan their next couple of months in order to get the desired number of clients on-board to generate their target revenue.

Here’s an example of a valuable application for calculating Debt, by Ramit Sethi


Website Live chat –

Use Drift to chat in real-time with your visitors directly on your website. This improves credibility and helps you address your client’s doubts immediately or relatively sooner than responding to and fro via email conversations.
You can even implement chatbots on your website. Drift has their own curated chatbot, but Facebook’s Messenger Bot is gaining a lot of traction nowadays. Such conversational bots can ask certain qualification questions & help create leads from site-visitors with their engagement & usefulness.


Facebook Ads –

Targeted Ads for specific groups of audience. Link these ads to targeted landing pages where you have a specific CTA/action you want your visitors to take.

Facebook Ads for Retargeting – Retargeting individuals who are already familiar with you. This way you move them down the sales-funnel by repeated exposure of your brand, messaging, & services. This makes them more & more familiar with your business & expertise, eventually helping them arrive at a decision to hire or work with you.


Google Pay-Per-Click Ads –

PPC ads by Google, for specific keywords that you are targeting, show up at the top of search results when people do a Google Search for the same keywords.


LinkedIn Ads

Higher PPC than Google, but gives you access to a more specific audience for your business.


4. Good Relationships


If you have a good rapport with your peers, clients, subscribers, mentors and influencers, you can apply the following techniques to your business. This’ll give you plenty of opportunities to grow and award you with a ton of exposure.


Local & Online Sponsorships –

If relevant local events or online workshops are taking place try to approach the organisers and ask if they’re looking for sponsorship.


Strategic Partnerships –

Collaborating with a non-competitive member (not a coach or consultant or in your own business) and promoting each other’s audience is a huge bonus for both parties.


Influencer Marketing –

Someone with authority and social presence recommending your services & expertise to their own audience is an awesome way to build your authority.


Teaming up with an already Successful Coach –

Offer your services to become a member of that successful coach’s team. This will help you learn the ways of effective coaching, increase your connections with influential people in your niche, and give you an audience to work with.


Appear as a guest on an influential podcast –

Appearing on a podcast is in today’s world the digital equivalent of public speaking. Yes, you miss out on the face-to-face interactions & dynamics, but it makes up for it in its scalability. It becomes a permanent digital footprint of yourself, your brand & business, which is readily accessible to the podcast’s audience & the rest of the internet.


Speaking at Web Conferences –

If you’ve got sufficient contacts with conference organisers, it gives you an amazing platform to deliver excellent value & information to a very large audience (often on a global scale, because people can attend web-conferences from anywhere in the world). This is the epitome of speaking engagements, and you should capitalize on any such opportunity that comes knocking.


Share your Referral Page with your colleagues & close contacts –

If you have a targeted Contact Page only for referral traffic, then that becomes a highly-personalised experience for the visitor. Referrals are indeed special leads, and if you treat them with that little bit of special attention, it will help build a strong business relationship.


Asking people in your own network –

Get referrals from people in your circle. You don’t have to be salesy at all. You can clearly tell them what service you are providing & give them an example of who your target audience is. This way when someone in their network has a similar requirement or problem, they can then set-up a conversation directly.


Using your previous or active clients –

You should do regular follow-ups with your past customers. You can gain feedback regarding your service, obtain testimonials from them and being in touch helps to nurture your relationship even further. And once you have a good rapport you can ask them for referrals. So it is important not to neglect your past clients after you’ve delivered your service to them. If you gave them massive value, helped them with their problems, and paid special attention to their doubts & needs, they’ll recommend your service highly.

Try to turn your current clients into raving fans so that they spread the word about your service. If you provide them with value throughout the project, they’ll appreciate your service & think highly of you. You can offer them an incentive along with your referral request, which will make them even more inclined to readily recommend your services.


Connect with lost opportunities or prospects –

Make it a point to do a brief follow-up every six months with prospects that have not availed your services yet. This way you can be updated about their changing priorities if any. And if their business or team goals have shifted, or they currently face new challenges, then you can again offer your services to solve their relevant problems.
This works because they are already familiar with your service & know your credentials. A personalized follow-up on a regular basis actually makes them more inclined to work with you in the future.



The best way to build trust in a service business or for that matter in any kind of business is by showing people the results of your previous customers/clients via testimonials and case studies.
Tell them the story of your previous clients. How they were dealing with the same issues as your prospective clients are facing. And, how your service helped them overcome their struggles.
You can request a testimonial from your past clients and even current active clients (provided you’ve been working with them for a while, and giving them repeated value with your service.)


5. Social Media Presence


If you have followers on Social Media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc.) then capitalize on this to gain a lot of exposure for your brand, grow your followers, and consistently convert prospects into clients. People are highly active on Social Media, and the potential to have informative & curated content shared & gain traction is huge.


Create multiple pieces of content using snippets from your speaking engagements –

As and when you attend events & collaborate in public speaking, keep a videographer with you to record such events. Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins are prime examples of influencers who’ve successfully done this.
And you can use these recorded snippets as content for your Website, for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Podcasts (Pocketcasts & iTunes Podcasts). So one single piece of content can be repurposed in plenty of ways to generate high-quality consistent traffic for your business. It’s amazing!


Facebook Groups

FB Groups are amazing engagement platforms for your fans. Encourage them to initiate healthy discussions in these Groups. And wherever possible answer their doubts & queries with real-examples, case-studies, and give them a few easily implementable action-steps.

Provide real value to your fans consistently. Share curated content and subscriber-only resources, hold dedicated Q&A sessions or release exclusive content for your group audience.

Don’t make the group salesy. Make it all about communication & discussion, turning into a healthy forum for your audience to participate & get immense value out of.

FB Groups also allow you to host & schedule online/offline events. This gives you more exposure & builds a ton of engagement for your followers.
Uncaged Lifers, by Rebecca Tracey, is a Facebook Group for The Uncaged Life – which helps new coaches and solopreneurs craft a clear message, understand their niche, and create packages that sell.


Instagram –

Upload Stories and Posts on Instagram to show your personality, and to showcase the journey of your clients.


LinkedIn Connections & Conversations –

For LinkedIn follow this three-step process to connect to a potential client & convert them into a lead –

  1. The initial Connect
  2. Starting/initiating a conversation
  3. Setting up a Discovery-Call

Here are a few tips & tools you can implement on LinkedIn to optimize your profile & stand-out in your niche (improve your presence on LinkedIn) –

  • An Optimized Tagline – a hook that draws in the prospects to connect with you. Don’t make it about you, but make it a Unique Value Proposition that’s attention-grabbing. Use it consistently throughout your profiles on social media and in your website, wherever it is relevant.
  • Personalise your Connection Requests – Treat LinkedIn as a relationship tool, not a sales tool. So when you want to connect with someone, don’t pitch them a sale, instead, personalise your message around them & their business.
    Client/lead-focused profile – Use LinkedIn to generate leads not to find a new job. So make the content in your profile & description about them (use “you” rather than using “I”)
  • Post a blog article on LinkedIn with an offer for a 15-minute consultation.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator – A Sales Tool by LinkedIn for prospecting and insights. This tool helps you target the right buyers, understand key insights (Who’s viewed your profile, Advanced Lead & Company Searches, Email Integrations, Lead & Account updates/alerts etc.), and engage with people through a personalized outreach.


Facebook Live –

Very popular nowadays, very easy to adapt and even easier to reach out to your audience. By “Going Live on Facebook” you can engage with your followers directly, talk about topics that cover their pain-points & then answer their doubts immediately afterwards. Use FB Live to share your story, your skills or release a new course or content for your audience.
You can even do a Q&A session regarding a trending topic that concerns your niche or your audience’s problems. FB Live gives you immense exposure and gives your audience something of great value. This significantly increases your client conversion rates.


Finding leads on Twitter –

Use Followerwonk to analyse your follower’s behaviour on twitter – their information, their preferences, their preferred time of the day to engage on twitter etc. Use Hootsuite to keep tabs on multiple Twitter hashtags that are relevant for your nice, and to automate the process of Tweeting, Retweeting and Engaging with your audience.


Here are a few tools & techniques you can apply to improve social media engagement & presence –

  • Capitalize on social sharing opportunities – Include Social Share buttons & links with your content wherever you post them. Shareaholic & Click To Tweet are two amazing tools you can use on your Website. Your Listicles, Infographics, and blog posts can include the social-share buttons these two tools provide, allowing easy sharing to popular social media.
  • Commenting on popular blog articles in your industry – If you put in some effort to write something that would benefit the reader, you’ll have a chance at getting some traffic. A high-quality comment shows the reader that you know what you are talking about. Including a link to relevant, high-quality content on your website, will also increase your chances of getting the comment accepted by the site owner. Once it is accepted, they might even engage with you through the comment thread, and that benefits your traffic and presence a lot.


6. Email List


Similar to Social Following but even more powerful are Email Lists of your subscribers & members. Unlike Social Media, Email subscribers are people who are genuinely interested in your business or are looking for some kind of service or expertise. Tread with caution when interacting with these subscribers. If you treat them with special attention, cater to their problems, and then finally present your offer in the right way and at the right moment, you’ll successfully convert them into your clients.


Email Opt-Ins –

Your goal with Opt-In forms is to build a large email list of potential clients. Use Opt-in forms on your website with a lucrative offer for the visitor. And by providing value to the visitor directly on your website (through detailed industry/niche reports, e-books, guides, checklists, case-studies etc.), they will readily sign-up.

Here are a few positions in your website where you can place an opt-in form –

  • Home Page
  • Landing Page
  • Bottom of the About Page
  • Between Blog Post’s content
  • At the end of a Blog Post

Exit-intent is another variety of opt-ins. They trigger whenever the user’s cursor moves to close the current window/tab. You can read more about Exit-intent Popup Forms by Optinmonster.


Nurture the relationship with people on your Email-List –

Treat your Email list as a list of potential leads/clients. Try to provide them with nuggets of information, tips, techniques, real-world examples. Create conversations by sharing useful & actionable content, give them regular updates about your business & work-focus. This email consistency will help build trust & familiarity with the people on your list, and the value they receive will be something they’ll treasure & appreciate immensely.


Offer new/complementary services to your previous clients –

Once a customer, always a customer. Treat them with special attention. As they’ve already purchased your product or service, they know you & your capabilities very well. It’s easier for you to sell them a new product, or service, or get feedback on the previous product/service, or even request referrals.


Embed your signature to the end of your emails –

Provide a relevant link to your content or website in the signature itself. This significantly improves the chance of maximising the web-traffic flow towards your content.


Implement an email sequence –

  • Email 1 – Discuss a particular customer pain-point or problem and its effects. And provide a small tip/solution to that problem, which gives them immediate value. This first email could be the start of a conversation which would eventually generate leads for your business seamlessly. So don’t be salesy in your emails, don’t just rant about your business, services & credentials.
  • Email 2 – In this email showcase a detailed Client Case-Study. Cover the journey this client took to start from where he/she was initially, and how your service helped them get to their desired destination. Also, mention a few handy tips that your readers can easily implement if they ever face or have faced a similar situation. This will help your readers feel that you understand their problems, and get an idea of how you can be ideal for them.
  • Email 3 – For this email include another client case-study and a set of tips for your readers. By now you should be getting a few responses to your emails, with people agreeing or relating to similar situations. If this is the case, then you’ve provided a lot of value, and people on your list now come to know the potential you have in helping them. This will also make them eager for your next email in the sequence.
  • Email 4 – By now you’ve given people a sneak-peak into your business with the case studies, and have set yourself apart with the value you’ve provided since the first email. Rein them in with a definitive Call-to-Action in this email which goes somewhat like this –
    “If you want to fast-track this (mention problem/pain-point) process and not take months to get yourself out of this problem (mention problem/pain-point), then book a call with me and we’ll work on your current situation.”


Valuable Tools, Apps and Resources


You can use these as a coach to improve the client acquisition process


Online on-demand services –

  • Clarity – Get on-demand business advice from professional coaches, consultants and influencers
  • Codementor – An on-demand marketplace for top WordPress engineers, developers, architects, programmers, and tutors


Quora –

Create a good writing habit by answering people’s doubts & queries. Helps you build a dedicated audience of followers who appreciate your insights & expertise. Quora is all about the value you impart to the community.

Once a day you can set aside 30-minutes of your time to go through a few questions about topics relevant to your niche. If you can answer even 1 question daily by giving an in-depth solution with short implementable steps, people will start noticing you. You can post relevant excerpts of your Blog articles as answers to people’s queries, and the link back to your website or profile.
Such detailed answers are very valuable to the community, and people will start visiting your site, increasing your traffic. This, therefore, increases the chances of converting a prospect into a client.


Reddit –

It’s rightly called as the Front Page of the Internet. On Reddit, you get a lot of information about your niche, your client’s probable pain-points, and industry-related discussions that people are engaging in. At times you’ll also come across valuable nuggets/details about where your clients would generally go seeking help & information.

When we say “pain-points” in relation to Reddit, we are talking about the words, phrases & queries your potential clients are using to refer to their problems and struggles. And if you use these phrases in your Website or Email Copy, people will feel that you have an acute understanding of their problems. This is an amazing way to generate leads.


Niche Forums –

Forums are industry-specific and involve healthy discussions & interactions between people who actually know what they are taking or asking. There is no fluff, no spam. People here will put forward genuine questions & talk about their immediate struggles and obstacles. The answers people receive here are also very curated & precise because these are answers by individuals who’ve experienced or solved similar problems before.

A few examples of niche forums that you can visit if you are a coach or looking to work with coaches –

  • Warrior Forum – A top Digital-Marketing Forum where you can learn a great deal about actively increasing website traffic, implementing optimisations that are proven to boost your Search-Engine rankings, and strategies related to online businesses, marketing, industry trends & analytics.
  • Small Business Forum – Here, business owners help out business owners who are seeking advice. The forum is very detailed & journey-oriented. Every case-study mentioned in the forum are high-quality and very insightful.
  • Hubspot Forum – A dedicated community for individuals seeking information & advice on Marketing, Sales, Services, CRM, Design etc.




“The key is consistency. You want to pick the methods that work for you and that you can enjoy — so you can work on them each and every day, no matter how busy you are.” – Gabriel Weinberg, Traction


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