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You are constantly getting ideas and inspirations that make you eager to turn them into a book. You write them down, go through them thoroughly and sort out the ones you can compile into a genuinely good book.

With the ideas in hand, you then go ahead with the outline, the draft and the simultaneous research. You write, edit, rewrite and then finally you have the printed book in your hand with a proper cover to complement the story inside.

Now you have the finished book, with months of hard work and dedication. But how do you start selling it? How do you get your book into the reader’s hands?

The marketing strategy to sell your book is pretty simple.

Your own website is a great place for you to sell the book to your audience. It will also give you a solid presence on the internet.

In this article, you’ll find a few book marketing strategies that you can easily apply for your website. I’ve included some of the best author websites of 2020, with useful examples, templates & a bonus secret to kickstart your sales.

So, keep reading on and start applying these ideas to your book marketing.


List of Contents:


The Hero section will make or break the deal


Hero section, what’s that? The first section of your website is called the Hero Section. Because this section decides whether a person will scroll down on your website or he/she will simply close your site and visit someone else’s. Now, what should you include in this section?

Let’s look at some of the well-designed Hero Sections:

Living Forward Book's Landing PageLiving Forward Book’s Landing Page


What do you notice in this Hero Section?

  1. Beautiful book cover
  2. What is the reader going to get from the book? – Don’t just drift through your days. Design a life you love. Living forward shows you how
  3. Call To Action Button – Order Your Copy Now
  4. Links to popular booksellers – Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bam! & iBooks

Tools of Titans Book's Landing PageTools of Titans Book’s Landing Page


Now, almost everything is similar in this Hero Section. There is a book cover, title and subtitle of the book, links to popular booksellers.

But at the top, it says – From #1 The New York Times bestselling author Tim Ferriss. This builds instant credibility in the mind of a site visitor.

You may not be a New York Times bestselling author. But you can include any relevant stats to build your credibility. Have you been published in any major publication? Do you have great Amazon rankings? Or maybe you have 30+ years of industry experience.

Include these stats to build your credibility as an author.

Many of you may already know all these things. So, let’s go one step further:

The Art of Work Book's Landing PageThe Art of Work Book’s Landing Page


Giving people ‘Free Bonuses’ when they buy your book. This makes a person even more interested to buy your book. But it works only when you’re giving people something of value.

If your ‘Free Bonuses’ doesn’t deliver great value to the potential customer they won’t be interested in buying your book.

Giving people bonuses also helps you in building your email list. Now, you can build a great relationship with your readers by sending them great emails every week. And if you do your email marketing right, these readers will become your fans. They will buy every future book you write and you will build a dedicated reader base for yourself.

You don’t need to give bonuses only after they have purchased your book. If you want to build interest regarding your book, you can give away a chapter or two from your book for FREE. Ryan Holiday, author of The Obstacle Is The Way and a marketing genius uses this strategy for every book launch.

The Obstacle is the Way Book's Landing PageThe Obstacle is the Way Book’s Landing Page


Don’t miss the top navigation with ‘Order Now’ button. It’s a sticky navigation header i.e. a header which will remain at the top of the page even if you scroll down. This creates a great User Experience. Whenever a person is ready to buy the book, they can tap the button at the top right corner. They don’t have to scroll back to the top.


Don’t Forget Social Proof


People look at authorities and other people like them to make a buying decision. So if you want to sell more books from your website, include great testimonials.

Put this section immediately after your Hero Section for maximum conversion.

Living Forward Book’s Social ProofLiving Forward Book’s Social Proof

The Art of Work Book’s Social ProofThe Art of Work Book’s Social Proof


You may not have testimonials from Tony Robbins, Seth Godin & Steven Pressfield. Reach out to the best influencers in your space and ask them for a referral.

If you don’t have any connections, give your book away for FREE to 100-200 people in your inner circle and ask them for their recommendations. If your book is great, people will readily give you recommendations. Don’t forget this section, otherwise, you will leave a lot of money on the table.


Why should they buy YOUR book?

Living Forward Book’s Social Proof


It’s an important section – About the Author. Don’t write about your childhood in this section. Tell people, why they should listen to you. With more than 7 billion people in this world, you’ll need to make the About Section convincing, so that people really get excited to read your book.

Do you have 20-30 years of industry experience?

Have you done the largest & most extensive research on a particular topic?

Why would your story be interesting to other people?

Is it a Rags-to-Riches story?

Living Forward Book’s Social Proof


If you’re a non-fiction writer, you have to build some kind of authority in your space to sell thousands of books. If you’re a fiction writer, tell people why your story is interesting, use the power of narration wisely. You can even create a short video trailer for your book.


The Last Call


If your main goal is to sell more books, then include bookseller links at the end of your page. These bookseller links will appear twice on your page, in the Hero Section and then at the end of your landing page.

Take a look at these 2 well-designed sections for inspiration:

Principles Life & Work Book’s CTAPrinciples Life & Work Book’s CTA

Living Forward Book's CTALiving Forward Book’s CTA


But, if your main goal is to build an email list, then your final call to action should look like this:

How Women Rise CTAHow Women Rise CTA


3 Simple Rules You Can Follow –

  1. Your website is about your customers. Don’t make it about you.
  2. Speak the language of your target customers.
  3. Clarity is the #1 rule of design. Don’t use funky fonts, crazy animations & confusing text.

One Last Thing


If you don’t have a reader base, it would be very difficult to sell even a hundred copies of your book. Build an email list of people who love reading your posts.

Build a dedicated fan base by providing people value week by week, drip by drip. Only after that, you will be able to do a successful book launch.

Best of Luck!! Enjoy the process!!

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