Is spending money on Facebook Ads worth it?2 min read

I see tonnes of new coaches spending their hard-earned money on Facebook & Instagram ads. When I ask them — Why did you choose Facebook & Instagram Ads in particular?

They usually don’t have a clear answer. Either someone told them they should do it or they read it somewhere that it’s ROI positive to spend money on FB & Insta ads.

You see something trending and you start following it. That’s a dangerous strategy to follow in business.

When you’re starting out as a coach, you don’t have a clear understanding of who your target clients are. What do your clients actually want? Their hopes, fears, motivations, barriers.

Now what happens is people visit your landing page through Facebook ads. But because your messaging doesn’t connect with them, they leave. You get poor conversion rates. And ultimately you don’t see the returns you expected from Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads work when you have a clear goal. Whether it’s signing up for your email list, joining a webinar, booking for discovery sessions. Along with this clear goal, use the messaging which ticks your target audience. Without the right messaging you will always get lower conversion rates.

If you’re just starting out, focus on your inner circle. Your friends, friends of friends, colleagues, relatives; anyone who will be interested in your coaching. Ask them if they know someone who would be interested in your coaching. Reach out to them via email, messages or face to face meetings.

From the inner circle, you will get a few paying clients. And if you coach them well, you will get some great referrals also.

From there you can start building your website, start spending money on Facebook Ads with the right asset and messaging. But before that focus on personal connections. Approach every interaction as a research in your target market.


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