3 Real Assets Of Your Coaching Business1 min read

There are only 3 Real Assets in your coaching/consulting business:

  1. You (The Coach/Consultant)
  2. Your Website (Content, Online Presence)
  3. Your Email List (Current Clients & Potential Clients)


Why are these 3 Real Assets?

  1. Because you have complete ownership of only these 3 assets. You don’t have complete ownership of your social media. It’s dependent on companies like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. They might ban you or change their algorithm and you will lose everything.
  2. The more you invest in these 3 Real Assets, the better returns you get.

If you’re investing time and money to build relationships with people on your email list, it will pay itself multiple times over your lifetime.

Same goes for your website and yourself. A well-designed website with great content will get you more clients.

And, if you’re investing in yourself to master your craft, you’ll get more referrals.

But, if you are compromising in any of these 3 things, I think you’re compromising with your success.


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